Friday, 25 April 2008

A post about nothing

Usually I start the day by checking my mail and then have a quick look over at Boing Boing to look for anything interesting. Usually it has a bit of interesting news, websites that are worth a visit and yet another book to add to my ever increasing 'to read' list.

However this morning something peculiar happened. Between the post about new stuff and the latest gadgets suddenly out of nowhere a post called 'Untitled 1' appeared.
Besides the rather enigmatic title this post was empty. No text, no picture, nothing.

And yet people are swarming to it like moths to a light bulb. Comments are posted by the second. Last count was 256 comments, while on average a post gets around 50.
Bizarre how 'nothing' on the right location can draw so many people.

Or as one commenter said: 'It's like when a kid gets a really big, fancy present, he/she usually most enjoys playing with the empty box.'

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