Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The good, the bad, and the truly ugly

I like to know who visits my blogs. I will be honest and admit that it gives me a rush to know people viewed and actually read what I wrote. However I also use it for practical purpose so that I know what people liked to read, always know what your audience wants.

Well the good news is that today for the first time someone actually stumbled upon this blog by searching on google. From Singapore nonetheless, go Singapore.

The bad news is though that I can also see what that girl or guy, although I am almost convinced it is a bloke, was looking for on google. It was bad.

The truly ugly thing is that the exact phrase that was used, is... 'tania's blowjob assistant'

I used these three words in the Virgins for net-neutrality post and apparently you can now find me on google using that phrase.

I am so proud that google indexed me with the phrase 'blowjob assistant'.

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