Sunday, 27 April 2008

Gimmie's Discussion of the week: does the suit makes the Iron Man?

Usually when I hang around with friends at some stage the conversation transforms into a debate about stuff only people with mildly nerdy inclinations could argue about. So to preserve these discussions for later generations I decided to make it a weekly thing on Gimmie Blogs here.

Every week I'll post a question for you guys to discuss about in the comments. Questions can be about almost anything, it can range from politics to the deeper question of who was first: the egg, or the gnome?

And feel free to e-mail me with your own suggestions.

Our first discussion topic arised last night in the guildchat of my World of Warcraft guild. The excellent movie Iron Man is due to hit the cinema's so peeps were talking about the man in the iron suit. Things were pleasantly peaceful until somehow the discussion arose if Iron Man is still Iron Man if he does not wear the suit. Basically there were two sides: the first argued that the suit makes the Iron Man, so without his suit he is just a ordinary man, a rich one but ordinary nonetheless.

The other side claimed that it was not only the suit but also his personality that makes Iron Man the, well, man of iron. Yes his suit gives him his powers, but it is the man and his drive for doing good things that makes the superhero Iron Man. If say another person would wear the suit you would just have a bloke in a hightech combat suit, not Iron Man.
So does the suit makes the Iron Man, or is it something that comes from within that makes this superhero iron? Discuss!


Aurgelmir said...

I would say the suit makes the Iron Man. Sooner or later someone will kill the current guy (forgot his name right now) who is iron man and you betcha someone else will put on the suit and pick up the name 'Iron Man'.
Just like Flash, and Batmans Side Kick Robin.

Hell even Batman did change in 'Batman Beyond'

So its safe to say the person without the suit is not an Iron Man just a man...

But I agree you need to have the right midset to become a superhero.

Gimeor said...
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Gim said...

Just to make it interesting I am taking the other side. I think Tony Stark, that's his name btw, is always Iron Man even when he is not in the suit. Why? Because he is the creator of the suit. Sure someone could steal his suit and be the next Iron Man, but what happens when the suit breaks down? Only Stark has the capacity and the genius to repair and upgrade the suit.

So what makes Iron Man is not that he can fly and shoot rockets, but his skill and brains to make stuff that fly and shoots rockets

Aurgelmir said...

Yes true. But what happens to Stark when he becomes old? Like Bruce Wayne does in Batman Beyond? Is it now Terry MacGuines or Wayne that is batman?
Bruce is Terrys mentor and he keeps the atcave up and running. But is Bruce still batman?

So it all depends on how you look at it, and I don't think Stark is Iron Man if he stops dunning the suit.