Monday, 21 April 2008


They say that on average each day 70.000 new blogs are created. Two thoughts come to me. The first: wow that is a lot of a blogs. The second: why on earth would I want to start my own blog if there is already more then a life's worth of reading blogs on the net?
Frankly I don't know. I guess the thought of writing just appeals to me and considering till date I have not yet completed a literary masterpiece or got asked to write a column for a renowned newspaper, blogging seems the best way to write and have people read it to.

Right reason for blogging, check. What's second, oh yes: what the heck I'm I going to write about?
Now, now, don't be afraid I won't bore you with the personal details of my life. No blogs about discovering that eating Chili in the evening leads to some interesting results in the toilet bowl the next morning. ( I fear that at this moment, somewhere, someone devoted a website of detailing, archiving and visualizing the peculiarities of his or her crap )
So that leaves things that are actually interesting. Hmmm, yes, interesting. I guess that would cover interesting things I run into on the web and in real life. Oh and don't forget my cat, cats are always interesting. The fact I don't have a cat yet is a minor inconvenience. I've always wanted a cat, but alas my current appartment is just to small for one. That does not however mean I can't already imagine the peculiarities and adventures of my future cat. I'm still discussing with my girlfriend if we are going to call him Biggie or Fatty; it's going to be one big, fat, red cat.

And oh yes, history. Especially the rather peculiar tales of history that make fascinating material for blog posts. Did you know for instance, the White House is called white, because the English burned it in 1814 and afterwards they used white paint to cover the scorch marks?

So that's probably how my blog is going to be. Random interesting stuff with the occasional tidbit of history and ramblings about a imaginary cat.
Things to blog about, checked.

And of course when I am almost done with my first post I realize I forget something very important: I forget to introduce myself.
The name is Gimeor, Gim or Gimmie for friends. No, my parents were not tree-hugging hippies that they gave me such a name, because it is not my real name. It's the name I've used for years now on the web and as such it has become a kind of second name for me. It only felt natural to use that name to sign my posts with.

Introduced myself, check.

Gim out.

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