Thursday, 24 April 2008

Amnesty Waterboarding Ad

Amnesty is launching a new ad that shows a man being subjected to waterboarding, a interrogation technique currently used by the U.S. government whereby terrorist suspects have water forced down their throat simulating drowning.
Pretty shocking footage and this is just a few seconds with a actor in a controlled environment, imagine how it must be in reality.

The thing is though, besides the obvious wrongness of employing torture, why do people think you actually get useful intelligence out of it? Most people will tell everything you want to hear after only a few minutes of waterboarding. Even Dubya would probably admit he masterminded the 9-11 attacks if he got a few gulps of waterboarding.

Oh well, I am pretty sure that whichever candidate wins, Barack, Clinton or Mcain, the use of torture will be put to an end, hopefully.

Link to Amnesty Ad, not suitable for young children.

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