Thursday, 24 April 2008

How do you mean, there is a octopus on my date?

Ever since Blizzard introduced the Draenei as a playeable race in World of Warcraft, I wondered if not more then a few on the Blizzard staff have a kind of aliensex fetish. They knew already what players were doing with night elves in Goldshire, the equivalent of the Red Light District in Azeroth, so surely they must have foreseen the whole range of perversions that would open up by adding aliens with tentacles to the game.

Speaking about tentacles, John Scalzi one of my favorite SF writers made one of his short stories available on his blog, for free! The story revolves around the question how a romantical date with aliens would be like. I had a big smile while I read the story and some of the aliens Scalzi comes up with are hilarious.

The story is free, but if you like it you can always make a donation. Half of it goes to charity, so do your bid for humanity and donate in the name of alien sexuality.


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