Thursday, 1 May 2008

When history has a voice

I like to read about history. For some reason it intrigues me to know how people lived in earlier ages and it is always handy to know why things are as they are today.

So I was very excited when I discovered this site today: soundportraits.

It is a site that collects audio interviews with historic value. I can't stop myself from listening more interviews. The sound quality is very good and all the stories you hear will make you stop doing anything else and just sit back for a while.

You have the story of a ex-confederate soldier about the day Lincoln died. You can listen to the only English eye-witness account of the bombing on Hiroshima ever. Or listen to the tale of Billy Mcune, a texas prisoner who was sentenced to the chair only to have it turned into life because the Governor was so touched by the songs he wrote.

This is just one of those sites that proves the Internet is one of the greatest creations by mankind.

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