Thursday, 1 May 2008

Oh for crying out loud

I always have two distinct feelings when going to a highly anticapted big blockbuster movie. One of joy, finally I get to see the movie I have been waiting for months; one of dread, high-profile movies tend to attract the scum of the cinema visiting civilization. For some reason there is a large group of people who do not understand that talking is not required to watch a movie. They simply cannot comprehend that the majority of people in the room do not wish to hear their comments, or would even be happier if for some fluke reason a small meteorite would vaporize the chatterbox on the spot.

So my two friends joy and dread accompanied me when I went to see the highly anticipated Iron Man movie. It's great, I'll post a review in a few days when I have collected my thoughts about it in a coherent story that contains more then sweet and ooh and aah and drool.

Anyhoo I entered the cinema and the first thing I did was scan the room for little groups of children. Avoid these, for they will wreck your movie experience by their inability to keep their mouths shut and their ability to produce loud farts.
I found a nice little spot far away from any potential nuisance and laid back to relax and wash my self in the greatness that is Iron Man. The fact that only ten seconds after I sat down two jipjapping ladies decided to sit right behind me, was of course to be expected. Luckily the movie was played loud out enough to drown out most of the chatting. Yes I told them to shut up, but another thing these people have in common is apparently a five minute memory span.

But I have endured far more in the past than to let two noisy ladies wreck my movie experienc. So the first fifteen minutes I was basking in Iron Man greatness. Suddenly I heard a noise that disturbed me greatly. However this was a noise that not even the greatest nitwit could have brought into a cinema without feeling ashamed, so I assumed perhaps I was just imagining things.
Then it sounded again throughout the whole room, and again, and then some more, and then it decided to keep on going.

This. Cannot.Be.True.... I thought to myself.

However the yelping sounds were all to real.
The sound of a baby crying.
What on earth makes a parent think that you can take a six months old baby to the movies?

You would expect that any parent with babies would have the following reasoning:
A) babies are afraid of the dark and very loud sudden noises; B) cinemas are known for being rather dark and Iron Man suprisingly has a few loud explosions; C) because of that babies will cry during the whole movie, maybe even annoying other visitors who have paid good money to see the movie without baby sounds; D) therefore you should not take your baby with you to the movies, ever.

Unfortunate the mother of said baby lacked such basic reasoning, making you wonder about the future her child has.

Never in my most gloomiest estimates about irritating cinemawreckers would I have have even thought about crying babies in cinemas. Alas, people will never cease to amaze you in their creativity for stupidity.

This concluded my rant for this week.

Gim out.

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Aurgelmir said...

Oh for crying out loud! Babys!?!

I have been and seen the strangest things while going to the cinema and or theater, but babys takes the cake.

Sometimes I wish I could demand my money back if I didn't like the presentation of the move.
In my home town we have a great cinema, but it lacks peoples with brains to run it. More often then not they have tecnical issues while showing the movie. Once I sat and waited for the movie to start for over 30 minutes, no movie, so I go and get my money back. No problem. But can you do this if your movie was ruined by loud and disrespectfull people? Can't we as a paying customer expect the theater room to have atleast one person with a flashlight telling people to be quiet, shut their baby of, or NOT talk in the cellphone while watchign a movie?