Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Art-Eggcident in Leeuwarden

Dutch artist Henk Hofstra's made these giant eggs in the centre of the city of Leeuwarden. They will stay there for six months. I hope Google Earth will make a new pass over the Netherlands before then. It would be cool to suddenly see giant eggs appear on the map of the Netherlands.


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Wow, this art is extremely COOL! I am in Canada, Vancouver Island, and I just stumbled on your blog by using that Next Blog button at the top. Pretty neat, eh? I'm going to flag your blog and check back periodically for more interesting stuff. I like the fantasy landscape also. Now I am going to check out the Japanese gadgets. Thanks for sharing.

Gim said...

That Next Blog button is super.
I visited your blog to and the pictures of Vancouver are amazing. Thanks for visiting.