Thursday, 2 October 2008

No this blog is not dead - It's just my lazy bastard

Right, that didn't take long for me to resume writing. Just a little bit more than three months.
Honestly, I was only planning on taking a day or two off and then continue blogging.
But as often happens one of my 'bad' internal advisors, let's call him 'lazy bastard', got hold of my external actions.

This inner reasoning went something like this:

Me: "Geeh, it's been two days since my last post. I should write something and get busy."

LB ( who sounds just like Bob Ross): "Now, now, two days is not that long a time. It's not as if a cute puppy will die if you don't post something now."

Me: "Yeah, but I figured tonight I have nothing important to do and tomorrow I will be all busy with other important stuff."

LB: "Precisely why you should relax. You don't want to be all stressed out tomorrow, do you?"

Me: "I guess so..."

LB: " And besides you might see something interesting on tv to write about."

Me: "Well I am not sure if watching television will help me wri..

LB: " Oh look what is on the television, why it's that favorite episode of Star Trek. Ooh Vulcan ears. Isn't that nice and relaxing just sitting here?"

Me: ( inaudible drooling)

And here we are three months later. It's not just blogging. If it was I would be a far more productive person. It's also the little things like taking out the garbage before the trashcan threatens to fall over and crush me in an avalanche of junk. Or calling my mom so that she actually knows I am still alive. ( I have around ten voicemails now with my mom asking if I am still alive and if not, is it okay to use my old room as the new guestroom)

And my personal favorite: shaving.
It's utter ridiculious that I do not do this every day, but... well LB seems to have a thing for beards.
I hate beards. They are itchy, annoying and they make my face look like a certain part of a porn-actrice from the '70s.

And the worst bit is that my better halve refuses to have sex with me if I'm unshaven. SEX!
You'll think that would give me enough incentive to do it every day... two, three times or more. And I can't blame her for not wanting to be intimate with someone who feels like a horny hedgehog.

But alas LB seems to dislike being intimate.

Anyhoo I am back for now. Ooh look Star Trek is on.

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