Monday, 2 June 2008

Uncyclopedia - the Anti-wikipedia

Bit busy lately so not much in the way of posting. However I came across this beauty of a site that made laughing since yesterday: Uncyclopedia, the Anti-Wikipedia.

Filled with nonsense and inaccuracies, but funny as hell. I especially like their entry about Star Wars ( Japanese Opera):

"Written for the Japanese stage by the 18th century Japanese author Gorluca, NĊgaku Sen no Rikyu ichi-go ichi-e Dengaku Shirabyoshi Gagaku ("War of Stars") was a smash hit with local villagers, spawned five sequels, and is mentioned as the original inspiration to George Lucas for the modern Star Wars franchise. With a minimalist acting crew of two males playing every character and a painted background, the play was relatively cheap to create. In spite of its advantages, the sequels were not as good as the originals, much to the dismay of the young Japanese males who waited in line fourteen hours to see them.
The actors are on stilts and in costume, manipulating puppet hands to simulate action, just like good action movie stars should.
The 3-act play is presented in its entirety below, translated from Japanese to Korean to Chinese, back to Japanese, and finally to English..."

link to Uncyclopedia

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